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05 October 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Date Log  
Who: Zack Fair (violetclass) & Haruhi Fujioka (iwantmesometoro)
What: Breakfast
When: Early Morning
Where: Small Dining Room
Status: OPEN, In-Progress
Warnings: N/A

In the small dining area on a table by the wall was a wide selection of foods typical for breakfast. Everything from pancakes and eggs to simple cereal was available. Plates and juice were already set out on the table set for two. The room had a bright setting, daisies on the table and soft orange curtains hung over the windows. Simple white place settings rested upon the tabletop.
iwantsometoro on October 6th, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
With a barely stifled yawn and a good stretch, Haruhi wandered into the small dining room and took a moment to have a good look around. The room was open and airy, with wafts of a hundred different tempting scents winding and curling through the air from the buffet area. It was overall very pleasant to behold, which only made Haruhi wonder why there was no one in the room at the moment. When she had woken up earlier that morning from a knock on her door and an explanation of what her plans for the morning were, she had figured that a breakfast buffet would attract much more people than just herself and her match.

"Ahh, well, at least there may be some peace and quiet around here. I don't much like being forced into a blind date like this, but at least those rich bastards aren't around to cause a commotion..." Haruhi thought to herself. She thought a bit about it, and then searched around the room to make sure no one was planning on spying on her.

Being content with not finding anyone, she smoothed her sundress and sat down at the table that had already been set up with plates and drinks. She had been a bit weary about wearing one of the mysterious dresses she had found in her room closet, wondering how it had gotten there and how it had been the right size for her. She admitted it was nice, light, and practical, though she had been close to putting on her school uniform earlier, instead. If it hadn't still have been drying from the wash she had given it yesterday (having gotten it covered in sand and seaweed after arriving at the hotel via the beach), she would have much rather worn it for this occasion.

Haruhi still didn't know if this was some kind of elaborate prank or test that the other club members had come up with to have her act as a proper Host or not. Though, since they had left dresses for her to wear, and her match had been a man, she wondered if not for something Host related, then what else they could possibly have in store for her? She sighed and began to sip her juice, waiting for her match to appear before going to grab anything to eat.
Haneul: Haha wavey drawnvioletclass on October 7th, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
Being excited could have been an understatement for the ex-SOLDIER. How many dates had he really been on? ...He could probably count them on one hand. Which was quite sad. Zack prided himself on being handsome enough and fun to be around. Of course, when your life revolves around what Shinra wants you to do, there isn't much you can do about it.

He had certainly enjoyed his time in SOLDIER and even before that. Back to his childhood in Gongaga. He'd been overall blessed, if you could ignore a world that had pretty much fallen apart around him, dead mentors, angels who thought they were monsters, friends droven to insanity or poisoned. It didn't seem too bad! Not really. He was alive and well after all.

Still, he wasn't really sure what one was supposed to do at these types of affairs, though, in the back of his mind he couldn't help but wonder. Was this person the one he was supposed to love? If he'd been brought here because something was keeping him from that, it was possible.

Not that Zack had much experience with love, either. He almost talked himself into not going, hands fisting into black hair as he nearly growled in frustration. His eyes were undoubtedly burning and bright and he needed to get ahold of himself before he literally scared someone. As long as he stayed calm, maybe his eyes could go unnoticed...maybe.

So, after throwing clothes everywhere, with the self promise of 'I'll clean that up later', Zack had finally settled on a pair of black pants and a black shirt. It felt odd having sleeves, and while his armor was practical...showing up with a five foot sword would probably scare people, too. He snorted when he imagined what people would do if they saw Sephiroth's.

He zipped up the front of his boots before carefully fitting his pants over them and heading off, card and paper in hand. Dining room. That sounded like a simple enough place to find. Though, the closer he got to said destination, the more hopeless he felt.

Full blown regret was what he was feeling when he finally reached the appointed room, eyes wide and brows furrowed as he wondered if he'd have time to run back and change. Mako enhanced super human he was, but he was still no angel. ...If only he had those wings...

Zack took a moment of wondering where his classic bravery had went before shaking his head, putting on a smile and pushing into the room.

"Hello~" he all but chirped, grinning before being hit by the vast amount of smells and sights. It was a bit of sensory overload for the SOLDIER and he froze, blinking a couple times before realizing his date was already there. "Oh!" He gave a small laugh, wandering over to where she stood. "I'm Zack Fair. I guess you're my date?"
iwantsometoro on October 7th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Haruhi nearly choked on the juice she had been drinking before, completely caught off guard by the others sudden appearance. After a brief coughing spasm, she steadied herself and glanced up to where she had heard the voice come from.

"Ah, hmm," she cleared her throat, "Yes, I uhm. I suppose I am." Haruhi held out her hand and gave him her best Host-grade smile. She still couldn't leave out the possibility that she was being tested for all this, so she decided that it would be for the best to play along and do the best she could. She had no intention of falling in love, but if being a good Host to her match could somehow get her away from this crazy hotel...

"I am Haruhi Fujioka. It's nice to meet you, Mr. Fair." She said with the utmost sincerity.
Haneul: Smirky bed drawnvioletclass on October 7th, 2009 05:11 am (UTC)
Frowning, Zack's head tilted when he heard her cough, taking a moment to gauge her strength just in case he needed to do something to help her. Though, when she seemed to recover, the smile reappeared.

He looked at her hand, grinning before grabbing it and giving a firm shake, though, not as firm as he would to his generals or directors. The last thing he needed was to hurt his date. That would be a very bad start.

"Same." He nodded, pulling his hand back before looking around the room. "So...I guess we should eat? You weren't waiting for me long, right?"
iwantsometoro on October 8th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)
"No, not really. I only just got here, myself. Though I have to admit, I expected a breakfast buffet like this to be a bit more... Crowded." She gestured to the rest of the empty room.

Haruhi patted her stomach, early morning hunger pains intensifying in the presence of so many tempting dishes. She grabbed both plates from the table and handed one to Zack. "Ah, the sooner we eat, the better. I'm close to starving, and the scent of all this food is driving me crazy." Haruhi paused, and added, "What kind of food do you like? The people who invited us here never bothered to ask what we preferred, so I wouldn't be surprised if what they offered wasn't all to our tastes." She shook her head. "What a bothersome situation we've been thrown into..." Haruhi stared off into space, looking slightly annoyed.
Haneul: Ahhhh... glowyvioletclass on October 8th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
Relaxing when she motioned around, Zack's eyes followed, head tilting slightly. "Ah...maybe...that or they knew how much I can eat." He laughed, stretching his arms a bit before reaching for a plate, giving her a grin.

"Ladies first then." He nodded towards the spread, holding his plate in his hands as he waited for her to step ahead. "Hm..." He thought about it. Sure, the food they fed SOLDIER was okay, but it couldn't really compare to his mother's cooking. It felt like forever. "Chocobo eggs!" He nearly screamed when it all hit him. Of course. That was one luxury. Not many people ate the eggs since they usually bred the giant birds for riding. He laughed a little when she continued, shrugging a little.

"Well...it could be at lot worse. Just be happy you didn't wake up in a test tube of mako." He made a point to grin at her, despite the thoughts that were slowly coming back. Broken glass and dragging his comatose friend out of there. Fighting and fighting. He just hoped Cloud was okay.