OPEN - Because we have to start somewhere...

Who: Zack Fair (violetclass, and anyone, really.
What: A short jog.
When: Around Afternoon.
Where: The Beach
Status: OPEN, In-Progress
Warnings: N/A

Ultimately, Zack had been pissed. He'd managed to nearly rip apart half of his room before controlling himself. Everything would be alright. Spike would be fine. The old man on the truck would take care of him. He'd snap out of it. He could almost feel the mako infused irises glowing behind his lids. They were burning. Maybe he was crying...

Shaking his head, he gave a quick glance around the room before storming off. He couldn't be in here right now. Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa...Reno, Rude...Cissinei. All of them would get along just fine without him. Especially Spike. He was stronger than anyone gave him credit for, even if he'd never make a good SOLDIER.

Black soles of equally black leather boots made little sound on the carpet of the hotel's halls. Zack was fair from trying to stay quiet, though. This place was downright creepy. For a hotel it was a lot...bigger and cleaner than the ones he'd come across. He figured that had to be good on some level but right now he just needed to burn off steam.

Hands on his hips, he paused once he'd made it back to the lobby. Getting out was now the question. A look to his left and a look to his right sent him going toward the pool area. If nothing else, he could swim his frustrations off.

He'd much rather run.