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05 October 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Date Log  
Who: Aerith Gainsborough (aeris_cetra) & Sendoh Akira (sendoh_akira7)
What: A picnic at the beach.
When: Around Afternoon. Oct 05
Where: The Beach
Status: CLOSED, In-Progress
Warnings: N/A

A basket was waiting with a large blue bow tied at the top at the small deck leading to the beach. Inside was a simple blue and white plaid blanket and various snacks and drinks as well as a few flowers and small bags for shells or flowers. The sun was high and warm and the crashing of the waves would hopefully prove a relaxing setting for the two to get to know each other.
Aeris Gainsborough: Shy || Blush || Embarrassed (Smile)aeris_cetra on October 8th, 2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
Holding up the container, so Akira could taste or eat the food, she couldn't help giggle at him for being silly. "I know that, silly. I never once thought of that..." responded Aerith with an amused smile on her lips. Akira was a funny guy since she never thought anything negative about him or the hotel. If he was villain, then he would have injured or killed her by now. Just like this hotel had it's chances to hurt everyone, but so far...it seemed like the hotel wanted everyone to find love. Finding love isn't horrible, so she'll trust the hotel and play along.

"That's good to hear because I wouldn't want you to die without getting to know you better," responded Aerith with the gentle smile remaining on her lips. Once she gave Akira the food container that she was holding, she curiously took a fork and decided to taste the pasta, for it was her favorite picnic meal. Twisting the fork, so the pasta string would wrap itself around it, she placed her free hand under the fork, so she wouldn't make a mess. Once the pasta was in her mouth, she chewed and chewed until a bright smile came over her.

"This is delicious", responded the flower girl before she began to take a bite out of the salad, too. Looking up at him with a smile, she thought it would be a good idea to tell him more about herself. Once she was ready, she happily said, "Well....back home I was known as "The Slum's Flower Girl" because I would sell flowers to everyone in Midgar. I was the only one who knew about the flowers at the abandon church, so I made it my duty to tend to them. At first, I wanted to fill Midgar full of flowers until Zack suggested that I sell them instead." At the mention of Zack, she was close to wondering where he was and hoped that he was all right since she hasn't seen him for years. Quickly she said, "Our slogen for selling flowers is - Midgar full of flowers and wallet full of money." A giggle escaped her lips at the thought of that slogen, so she asked, "Isn't it silly?"

Tilting her head, she didn't know if she should tell him her whole history, but she thought it was best for him not to know the life she used to have since she wasn't alive back in her world. Looking up at him with a smile, she asked, "What about you?" Giving a shy smile, she looked down at her the pasta container in her hands, "O-of course....only if you're ready..that is."

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sendoh_akira7 on October 8th, 2009 11:02 pm (UTC)
If only she knew about his habits.

Sendoh smiled but didn't elaborate further. Though, in his defence, despite what appearances he puts on, he does know how to use protection. The words of a famous red-headed youngester (he's really only younger by one year) stands as one day, you will get AIDS and die and another opponent will be gone, ahahahahahah...


Don't ask him what kind of people he associates with. Truth to be told, he enjoyed mingling with them. Listening to their speeches, like how he would attentively listen to Aerith's at the moment. He preferred to speak little but open his ears more, for more reasons than one. It was a much better way to get to know someone, especially someone whom he was set up with. He mentally chuckled at that thought.

Momentarily, he would glance down to pick up a sandwich to chew on while she talked. His eyes watched the way her expressions and tones changed with different aspects of her tale. He smiled. "The slum's flower girl." He echoed after she had finished, nodding his head lightly. "It's romantic, the title itself." Perhaps there has always been a worldly fetish with triumphants and glories of someone who could make it out no matter what kind of environment they grew up in. "Whether the slogan rings true or not, you certainly look able and well here and now." He gestured towards with a tip of his chin, hands too busy -and already touched upon with food- to be waving about.

Finishing his sandwich, Sendoh dusted off his hands and hummed in concentration. "I'm not a very interesting person. I was born and raised in Japan, been out of the country a few times, but those chances are rare. I lived on my own mostly. I used to play basketball." Here would be the explanation for his height. Or his height would be the explanation for the basketball. Cause and effect, the arrow is a two way street. "And then I got myself an office job and has been there ever since." The head of the Japanese Professional Basketball Players' Association (or just JPBPA for short, though that's a mouthful as well) would be considered an office job, of course.

Waving a casual hand at his own life story, Sendoh reflected -mentally- that there could be more meat to the bones, but that basically summed it up. Instead, he shifted to relieve some parts of his body that were already threatening to go numb. "I'm more interested in what you have to say." He said, gazing at Aerith. He's been told that he liked to do that a lot, lock his gaze on someone and don't waver. He's been told that it was respectful and honorable. At the same time, he's also been told that it is rather intimidating as well. "Please, do carry on. Where you came from sounds most interesting."

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Aeris Gainsborough: Happy || Smileaeris_cetra on October 12th, 2009 09:35 am (UTC)
After she told him a bit about herself, she took another bite out of the salad before Akira's answer caught her attention. She gave him a shy smile because she never once realized that her title might sound romantic or anything like that. It was just a title that her customers and citizens of the town gave to her. She gave a small giggle and said, "Maybe. It was a name given mostly by my customers which was spread around Midgar." Then hearing the last bit, she gave him a small nod, "My flower business has been very successful, but it took a while for others to notice me. At first, no one wanted to buy any of the flowers." It was shortly after Zack left to his final mission that Aerith was able to sell any of her flowers. Pouting a bit at the thought, she muttered, "The flower wagon wasn't cute enough.....if Zack would have build a better flower wagon, then more people would have bought flowers." It was obvious that Aerith was still a bit dissapointed that Zack didn't make the flower wagon that she wanted or it could be the fact that he never came back to her like he promised those years ago. Whatever the case may be, she was trying to get over it now.

She continue to eat more from the salad, pasta, and a few pieces of fruit while Akira spoke a bit about himself. Aerith had a lot of questions about his world, but decided to wait for him to finish. It would be rude to interrupt him. Her emerald eyes were on Akira with her full attention on him until he finished speaking. Once he was done, she gave him a kind smile, "Your world sounds really interesting, Akira. I mean...I never heard of basketball." She tilted her head curiously to ask, "What is basketball? It sounds like some kind of sport, right?" The name of the organization that he worked with was a big clue behind her reasoning.

Finishing up on her pasta and half of the salad, she looked up at her date who was intently looking at her, but she didn't mind. She was used to being stared at by others back in her world. The only way to intimidate her if his gaze was full of lust and alchole, then she would be worried. Thinking more to herself, so she could tell him more about herself without talking about the bad parts of her past, she looked at him and continue, "My parents died when I was little, so I was adopted by Elmyra. She took care of me and I love her like a mother. Tseng was my childhood friend; although, he's ten or more years older than me. My hobbies are to tend to the flowers in my garden back home and at the abandoned church, too. You can say that the flowers kept me company whenever my mother and Tseng were at work." She didn't want to bring up Zack, so she kept her mouth about him and Cloud. Actually, she didn't want to talk about her being chased around by Tseng and Shinra for being different. She wanted Akira to look at her as a normal young women.

"Our world is large with many different towns and cities. It's very beautiful; eventhough, there is very little flowers, plants, and animals. Unless you count the fiends as animals, but they aren't. Chocobos are the common way to travel unless you are lucky enough to have a motorcycle or car, but most people don't have that." furthered explained Aerith about her world, or at least, the world that she left behind. She wasn't sure how much has changed since her death. Looking up at Akira, she noticed that he was getting uncomfortable, so she turned to the bags that were different than the others. "Do you want to walk around and pick sea shells and flowers? Maybe it'll help you stretch our legs." She couldn't help giggle a bit at the last part, but she couldn't help it. Maybe if the two walk a bit, then they can talk more about their world.

"I'm still interested in knowing more about your world. Your world is called Japan, right?" asked the flower girl with a curious look on her face as she slowly rose to her feet wondering if she should put her sandels back on or not.
sendoh_akira7 on October 12th, 2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
Now, he was convinced that there are other worlds besides the one he came from. If this secluded little resort didn't already convince him. Yes, to Sendoh Akira, this hotel must exist on the map somewhere. That was his consolation to himself. However, the more Aerith spoke on, the more he started to wonder if they were lost in some unknown dimension, unable to be found. While her world shared common factors with his Japan -or planet Earth in general-, there were certainly oddities that he noted. For one, what the heck are chocobos?!

At her suggestion, Sendoh placed the lid back on the container of sandwich that he had been sparsely showering his attention to. Palm against the sheet that they were seated on, he pushed himself up without hassle, dusting off his pants in the process. "I must admit, what you've just described to me about your life sounds rather relaxing." In his world, he wondered what kind of people would be fortunate enough to have such leisure. Those who are rich? Those with power? Those who are rich with power? Or those still in more primitive tribes working with the nature? Or did she simply use metaphors and analogies to describe a society that might have been his all along?

Yet there was that underlying bit of discomfort and perhaps some loneliness that he thought he had detected. However, that would be rude of him to touch upon, he thought.

"What was the main source of income for the people in your world?" He asked, gesturing with an arm for her to lead the way. He was no stranger to water or sand, having preferred to fish alone when he was back in Japan. It was a habit that he had picked up ever since high school days. Even now, he still does it one way or another. "I understand that you sold flowers, but with your description of transporational systems, it makes me wonder how one would communicate with others from further away more efficiently." Computers? Cell phones? If so, then why was transportation sounding so far off?

Sand squished underneath his feet, he had both hands tucked away inside his pockets while slouching ever so slightly. Yes, this was the same ace who would show up late for games and sometimes didn't even bother show up for practice.

"I am from Japan." He nodded, offering her a smile. "And basketball is a sport." He referred back to her question from earlier. "It's basically where you have a ball and your goal is to put that ball through a basket or hoop as often as you can, earning more points than the other team to win the game." Simplified version so he could omit the hardship, the positions, the techniques, the techincal terms and everything else included, for those will add up to hours and days of explanation. "You know what." He started, gazing ahead somewhat thoughtfully. "Since this place seems to have just about everything readily available, let me see if I can find a basketball to show you." Maybe there will be a make-shift court even! Sendoh hasn't played basketball in a while. "How would you like that?" He asked, turning his head to look down at the shorter woman beside him. "What about where you came from? Were there any sports?"
Aeris Gainsborough: Excited || Happy || Smileaeris_cetra on October 14th, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
Slowly getting to her feet while fixing her pure white dress, she looked up at him with the smile remaining on her lips, but she felt a bit guilty for misleading him about her life. She was speaking the partial truth about her life, but not the whole truth. The flower girl didn't want to worry him about the past or pity her, either. "Mmm, life in Gaia is peaceful." answered the flower girl with a small smile. "As long as you don't get involve with politics, SOLDIER, or any illegal activity, then it is," further explained Aerith.

Taking one of the bags from the blanket, she wanted to search for seashells because she wanted to make a necklace for him. It would be nice to give him a present as a token of their friendship. Once Akira gestured for her to go on ahead, she began to walk a bit while looking on the ground to search for those seashells. "Income? I believe most of the money in the world come from the Shinra Electric Company. That company brought mako or rather electricity and technology to the world. The company has so much influence on the government that it was allowed to declare war and have an army of it's own. That army was called SOLDIER. They also had their own science department, spy force, and police force, too." She continue to think to herself before adding, "Most of the jobs revolve around that company except my flower business." A pink shell was shining lightly on the ground, so she bend down to pick it up and place it in the bag. Turning to him with a small smile, she couldn't help realize that he had questions about her world, so she answered them as truthfully as she could. "Transportation varies from person to person because most people that work with Shinra have cars. Most people that have no connection to Shinra either walk on foot from place to place or ride a chocobo, but you need to have gil to rent one. At the slums in Midgar, the people there collect junk to either - sell or use it to build with." explained Aerith, but she knew that he was mostly curious about communication. She began to further explain, "We communicate either by sending letters, talking to each other on the phone, or using a computer. Most people save money to have a phone because it's more efficient than letters, but cost less than computers. Even I saved gil to buy a phone, so I can call Zack. If it I didn't, then he would have bought me one...knowing him." It didn't take her long to realize that she spoke about Zack, but she couldn't do much about it now.

Aerith continue to pick up more and more seashells that caught her eye, but she did throw out shells that look like it was missing a piece. When Akira spoke up about his world, she looked up at the tall man with interest. Basketball sounded like an interesting sport, so she couldn't help get excited about the idea of playing the game. It would be nice to learn new things from other worlds to bring back to her own if she's allowed to have a second chance. Then hearing his offer to show her a basketball, a bright smile appeared on her face, so she nodded her head, "Mmmm. I would like that very much. I want to learn how to play that game because it sounds like so much fun." Akira would be the ideal person to ask because it seemed like his life was revolved around the sport; eventhough, he has a office job. Tilting her head slightly, so she could remember ever seeing any sports back at her world, so she responded, "Unfortunatly, there isn't many sports in our world because everyone is busy working. The one sport that I can think of is Chocobo racing." At the Golden Saucer was where she saw that sport, so it was her firs time seeing it.

Aerith didn't know much about the games that children play because she was too busy hiding from the turks. She didn't have the time to make any friends or act like a kid, so her knowledge on the subject was weak. "I'm sorry, but I am not the right person to ask about sports. I didn't play much with others when I was little, so I don't really know." explained Aerith a bit sadly. If only her friends were here because they would be able to give him a better answer.
sendoh_akira7 on October 15th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
"That sounds like any other city or country." Sendoh chuckled at Aerith's announced clearance of politics and that whole slew of departments. He was no fan of politics, he wasn't an avid follower either of elections, in fact, he couldn't really remember when -if ever- he's ever voted for a political party.

His pace was a casual gait, fast enough to keep up with her, slow enough to let her keep up with him. The sand beneath his feet sank with each step, tracking their trail from the edge of the picnic blanket every step along the way. Momentarily, he would pause to watch her lean down to pick up a sea shell and they would continue on again. It was laid back, it was a leisure, it was relaxing and it was a life that certainly represented a vacation than an every day life situation. "Sounds like some business they're cooking up over there." He commented lightly, picturing this monstrous business that's managed to earn so much. Armies? My goodness.

To his right, white waves brushed against the sand bank before retrieving. Almost a shy encounter or a seductive lure, coming so close to wetting his shoes, but before he could think of retrieving his foot, those waves were already gone. Coming to a stop, he turned to look over at her, eyes narrowed ever slightly against the rays of the sun.

"Don't worry about answering my questions." A hand dislodged from its position inside his pocket and offered a dismissive wave. "I ask a lot of questions, I know that gets annoying after a while." It was genuine curiosity, and then there was a mix of his own personality as well. "However, I do have to ask," last question for a while, promise, "just what is a Chocobo?" A method of transportation, yet not as expensive as automobiles. And then, there was the question of just what is a gil. He will just conclude that as their currency for now.

"I will contact you, somehow, when I do find out whether they have basketball facilities here. It seems we're not going anywhere in a long time," love wasn't such an easy word to just throw around, "might as well explore a little, I suppose." He shrugged with a good natured smile. It was also an opportunity to brush up on his own skills. Ever since he sat his ass down in an office, his skills have stayed at a static level while those who he knew since high school have grown and grown exponentially.

Almost, it was like he was getting left behind.

Glancing back at the edges of water and sand alike, he took a step closer before turning back to offer Aerith a hand. "Want to soak you feet in the water?" The slightly moist air brushing against his exposed skin -namingly neck and face- was of an agreeable temperature, he could only extrapolate and hypothesize that the water tempearture wasn't too bad either. "Do you know how to swim?"