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05 October 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Date Log  
Who: Aerith Gainsborough (aeris_cetra) & Sendoh Akira (sendoh_akira7)
What: A picnic at the beach.
When: Around Afternoon. Oct 05
Where: The Beach
Status: CLOSED, In-Progress
Warnings: N/A

A basket was waiting with a large blue bow tied at the top at the small deck leading to the beach. Inside was a simple blue and white plaid blanket and various snacks and drinks as well as a few flowers and small bags for shells or flowers. The sun was high and warm and the crashing of the waves would hopefully prove a relaxing setting for the two to get to know each other.
sendoh_akira7 on October 15th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
"That sounds like any other city or country." Sendoh chuckled at Aerith's announced clearance of politics and that whole slew of departments. He was no fan of politics, he wasn't an avid follower either of elections, in fact, he couldn't really remember when -if ever- he's ever voted for a political party.

His pace was a casual gait, fast enough to keep up with her, slow enough to let her keep up with him. The sand beneath his feet sank with each step, tracking their trail from the edge of the picnic blanket every step along the way. Momentarily, he would pause to watch her lean down to pick up a sea shell and they would continue on again. It was laid back, it was a leisure, it was relaxing and it was a life that certainly represented a vacation than an every day life situation. "Sounds like some business they're cooking up over there." He commented lightly, picturing this monstrous business that's managed to earn so much. Armies? My goodness.

To his right, white waves brushed against the sand bank before retrieving. Almost a shy encounter or a seductive lure, coming so close to wetting his shoes, but before he could think of retrieving his foot, those waves were already gone. Coming to a stop, he turned to look over at her, eyes narrowed ever slightly against the rays of the sun.

"Don't worry about answering my questions." A hand dislodged from its position inside his pocket and offered a dismissive wave. "I ask a lot of questions, I know that gets annoying after a while." It was genuine curiosity, and then there was a mix of his own personality as well. "However, I do have to ask," last question for a while, promise, "just what is a Chocobo?" A method of transportation, yet not as expensive as automobiles. And then, there was the question of just what is a gil. He will just conclude that as their currency for now.

"I will contact you, somehow, when I do find out whether they have basketball facilities here. It seems we're not going anywhere in a long time," love wasn't such an easy word to just throw around, "might as well explore a little, I suppose." He shrugged with a good natured smile. It was also an opportunity to brush up on his own skills. Ever since he sat his ass down in an office, his skills have stayed at a static level while those who he knew since high school have grown and grown exponentially.

Almost, it was like he was getting left behind.

Glancing back at the edges of water and sand alike, he took a step closer before turning back to offer Aerith a hand. "Want to soak you feet in the water?" The slightly moist air brushing against his exposed skin -namingly neck and face- was of an agreeable temperature, he could only extrapolate and hypothesize that the water tempearture wasn't too bad either. "Do you know how to swim?"