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matchhotel's Journal

Match Hotel - If we can't find you a match, you'll
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It all starts when you fall...
You've fallen. It happens every day. People fall, they get up, and get on with their lives. Not this time. This time you've fallen into a new world, a new time and for most, something they've never quite experienced before.

Welcome to Match Hotel, where the motto is: "If we can't find you a match, you'll never leave."

How you got here--only one person knows. She's not telling. Why you're here? Simple: for some reason or another, something has kept you from the one you're supposed to love, be it death, war, society, even your world, it could be anything. Can you leave? Sure, but only after you've fallen in love with someone and have agreed to go home with them. Don't worry, we'll find you someone. We've gathered people from many different worlds just for this purpose.

So what now? You're going to be matched by a wonderful match-maker who will find you someone perfect. You shouldn't be afraid, everything has been taken care of. Your stay should be entirely comfortable.


Match Hotel is a panfandom game set in a luxury hotel where all the "guests" will have arranged dates, parties, and various other activities. The group revolves around these dates but interaction is not limited to them. In fact, there's absolutely nothing stopping the characters from exploring their surroundings and taking full advantage of everything the hotel has to offer.



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